Create renewable energy,
save the planet and support 9/11 responders and their families.


Join us in changing the world, and supporting the 9/11 heroes who are now struggling to cover their medical bills and feed and house their families. This is a chance to make a real difference.

Our 9/11 responders are still dealing with health effects.

Our program was created for 9/11 first responders. These men and women were there when we needed them and did heroic work saving lives and dealing with the terrible aftermath. It's hard to truly grasp the horror that these brave people encountered that day and in the days that followed.
Our goal is to provide them with a way to help their families for the long term with proceeds generated by clean energy creation. First Responders will receive either free electricity or reimbursements for their power use. We want to give them a boost in income, a boost that they need due to ongoing disabilities and other problems that are rooted in our nation's tragedy. If you are a confirmed 9/11 responder, let us know so we can tell you more about the program we have designed just for you.

Reduce CO2 pollution & make a better world.

The time is perfect for solar power generation. The world desperately needs energy solutions that solve problems created by conventional electricity generation.
In the United States alone, 50% of all electricity is generated by coal-powered plants and 20% comes from natural gas-powered plants. Both create large amounts of pollution. More than you can imagine.
Our first solar energy farm will create 10 Megawatts of power each hour. Solar energy can prevent the emission of 24,000,000 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year. That's the same physical area as more than 2,200 average homes!
We would have to plant almost 25,000 acres of trees – that’s nearly four square miles of forest – to remove that amount of carbon from the air.

Jockey Hill- 50 acres of reclaimed land.

Please make your donation today.

Even a small donation will make a difference. We are completing our final engineering studies, legal permits and paperwork to complete inter-connection process. Please give generously.


Installing solar panels - Photo: Pascal Rodriguez

You can even share in the benefits of solar with no roof required!

Maybe you would like to have solar panels on your home, but the cost deters you. Perhaps your home has too many shade trees, or it’s not oriented in the correct position. Or, maybe you don't have access or permission to install panels on your roof. You can still participate in community solar – and reduce the charges on your electric bill – by purchasing just one panel that is located on our farm. You can add more panels at any time, and share in the revenue that we produce together. Plus, you'll provide help to our 9/11 heroes, and reduce pollution in our atmosphere. Click HERE for more information.

We want to create positive social and environmental change.

Solar Alliance Freedom was created to address important social and environmental issues that require serious attention. If you feel the same way, here's your opportunity to join a movement that offers some real solutions.

Our Indiegogo Campaign.We’ve already done a lot to get Jockey Hill ready for our solar farm, but here’s what we still need to accomplish – with your help!

Finalize all the permits and legal documents.

The Jockey Hill land (50 acres) has been purchased, and now we need to get the solar farm approved by New York State and local governments. The land survey has been completed, insurances need to be purchased and legal representation has been obtained.

Engineering drawings must be created and approved.

Most of the initial engineering planning is complete, but our plans need to be finalized and signed off on. This requires third party engineering companies to review and check all the documentation.

Build the first 6 megawatts of power generation.

We’re working to secure an agreement with the City of Kingston to supply the electricity required to power the City’s planned micro-grid. This grid will provide non-polluting power to its buildings and facilities and ensure that the City of Kingston can continue to serve citizens whenever a widespread power outage occurs.

Support community solar.

Your involvement and donations will help reduce carbon based pollution levels, and help alleviate the day-to-day financial stresses that many 9/11 First Responders are experiencing.
But soon, you'll be able to be involved in a new approach, too. You can still participate in community solar – and reduce the charges on your electric bill - by purchasing your own non-polluting solar panels at Jockey Hill solar farm. You’ll receive all the benefits of using renewal energy without the investment of thousands of dollars or having to add solar panels to your roof.
You’ll benefit personally, but best of all, you’ll provide help to our 9/11 First Responders and help reduce pollution in our atmosphere.

Help us spread the word please!

Our team.

Azriel Alleyne

The time is perfect for solar power generation. On September 12, 2001 Azriel Alleyne, who was then a member of the National Guard, was ordered to the site of the Twin Towers to provide help to survivors and other first responders. The experiences he had that day have changed his life forever. Those first days at the site of the towers were traumatic and in fact, toxic to the health of everyone who breathed in the airborne pollution. Like many others, Azriel worked at the site and did what he could.
The result was a massive change in his physical health that has required a ten year recovery. At his lowest point, Azriel realized that the best way to heal himself was to help other first responders. He created Solar Alliance Freedom, a program that’s open to anyone. His determination has resulted in an opportunity for the rest of us to heal the planet and share in the benefits. Join him in changing the world.

David McCarthy

David N. McCarthy is both an entrepreneur and an activist in the realm of progressive economics. He is the author of Civil Endowment – The Transformation of Economic Power, which was recently published by his publishing company, Rinchen Publications. Rinchen was founded in 1998 and has made available over 50 texts from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. He also has a long background in video production and editing. In his non-profit work, he was a board member of Hudson Valley Sustainable Communities Network (now Sustainable Hudson Valley) from 1998-2001, including two years as Board Chair, and is a co-founder and Board President of the Hudson Valley Current, a regional currency system. He lives in Kingston, New York. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan.

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